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News Flash!!!!!! Graymar Kennels won the Pedigree Breeder of the Year 2000 Award for Great Pyrenees.

Graymar Great Pyrenees are loving, devoted gentle white giants who guard their families effectively without being overly aggressive.  They are not likely to incur you a lawsuit, but they will keep intruders out.

Graymar Great Pyrenees have not been bred solely for predator work, but have been selected as well for adherence to breed standards.

Graymar Great Pyrenees have excellent heads with large, expressive eyes free from any droopiness.  They have nice tight, slobber-proof mouths with excellent bites.

Graymar Brazen Buccaneer (Max) at 6 months winning the N.W. Regional Great Pyrenees Puppy Sweepstakes.

Graymar Great Pyrenees have been bred for over 15 years to guard our large flock of sheep on B.C. clearcuts.  Graymar Great Pyrenees are selectively bred from dysplasia-free stock for sound bodies and minds.
Graymar Great Pyrenees' females average 27 inches at the shoulder.  Our main stud dog is 30 inches at the shoulder.  They have been opthalmologist tested for excellent eyes.

In the show ring, our Graymar Great Pyrenees females have taken Best of Breed on the few times out to show.  As we are not as involved in the Grazing Program on B.C. clearcuts, we will be showing more extensively over the next year.  Look for our Graymar gentle giants in the ring.
Graymar Great Pyrenees can be shipped world-wide and come fully vaccinated, wormed and guaranteed to bring tremendous love and security to your home or farm flock be it sheep, poultry, deer or cattle.

Show Titles
Canadian and American Champion Winston in show clothes.
OFA "Excellent"#78561
Sire of : Sunny, Sheila, Angel
FLASH!!!!"Winston" took a 5 point major at the N.W. Regional Pyrenees Specialty in Washington to take his American Championship. His second major point win. 
Angel championship 2000-1.jpg (60695 bytes) Champion Graymar Angel
"Excellent" hip x-rays
Champion Graymar Summer Sunshine
"Excellent" hip x-rays.

FLASH!!!! "Sunny" took a 5 point major at Brush Prairie, WA. with over 60 Pyrenees competing!!!!!!

Sheila championship 2000-1.jpg (74877 bytes) Champion Graymar Sheila
"Excellent" hip x-rays.

FLASH!!!! "Sheila's" son Buccaneer (Max) won the puppy sweepstakes at the N.W. Regional  Pyrenees Specialty at 6 months over pups up to 18 months of age.

Hi Marilyn, 
Quick update on Luther: he's settled right in, has gotten to know the neighbours and their dogs, and considers the back yard his home turf. Jenny, our daughter, finally got out of the hospital on Thursday so Luther is no longer a hospital dog. Before Jenny left the hospital Luther visited a 6 year old boy who was dying of cancer; Luther got big smiles and hugs from this boy, he didn't want Luther to leave, wanted to keep Luther in his bed as one of his stuffed toyes. The boy died a few days later. It's good to know Luther brought a bit of happiness into his life.
We have tons of pictures of Luther, will  send you a few when I get 'em scanned into my computer here.
Walt (Weaver)
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Luther and Santa

Tasha Riess, obedience sit and hug.

Heibert's son and daugher with Hercules