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Briar Glen Farms is home to  Ragalong RagdollsGraymar Great Pyrenees , Border Collies and New Zealand Huntaways, Briar Glen Dorsets, Mesopotamian Fallow Deer and assorted Pheasant varieties, Koi, and our nags, Stormy, Cricket and Legacy. 

We have farmed for over 30 years and inadvertently got successfully involved in Forestry Grazing for 10 years under the moniker AGFOR to control competing vegetation on B.C. clearcuts, when the vagaries of forestry took a turn for the worse.  We had to think of a way to utilize our faithful dogs who had served us so well over the years.  We did not want to have them put down, so instead started raising our  Graymar Great Pyrenees  primarily for pets as well as our Border Collies and called the Canadian Guide Dog Program to try out our New Zealand Huntaways.  The Huntaways were temperament tested and 3 were accepted into the Guide Dog Program where they have proven to excel in all the demands made of an excellent guide dog.

We volunteered to puppy walk one of them, Lori, who has demonstrated an excellent predisposition for her work.  She won rave reviews from the evaluators for temperament and aptitude.  So, happily, our New Zealand Huntaways have found an alternate source of work and service other than herding our cutblock flocks of 1500 sheep.


We have a long list of happy puppy owners and one of the happiest days for us is when we see one of our  Graymar Great Pyrenees , Border Collies or Huntaways slung over some happy new owner's shoulder on their way out the driveway.  A happy puppy with a new home giving love and companionship to a child or new family.  Likewise our  Ragalong Ragdoll  kittens.  Our farm is located in  Sooke , overlooking the Straits of Juan de Fuca, the Sooke Harbour and Olympic Mts.  We have owned the farm here for over 25 years and bask in the southern exposure as well as the company of the giant trees nearby.  We are right next to the famous East Sooke Park.

Congratulations "Spike"! Our New Zealand Huntaway
Canadian Guide Dog Graduate. We donated Spike to the 
Guide Dog Program and are thrilled with his achievements.
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