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What is a Ragdoll ?
A Ragdoll is a large (up to 30 pounds), minimal-shedding, non-matting lovable bundle we equate to the feline equivalent of the dog.  They follow you everywhere, even to the loo.
Our Cats have all been tested 3 times for FECV and are negative. They are also negative for FELV and chlamydia as well as any other contagious diseases. They are guaranteed fully for health and temperaments.
Ragalong Ragdolls is founded on the World Champions Bloodlines.
Ragalong Beau Geste took his championship at his first show.
Ragalong Ragdolls has produced multiple BEST IN SHOW kittens over all breeds at major shows.
Ragalong Ragdolls are raised lovingly underfoot in our large farm home where they play with the dogs and children.
Ragalong Ragdolls  come vaccinated, wormed and ready for loving.
Ragalong Ragdolls can be shipped worldwide.
Ragalong Ragdolls come in the colours of Lilac, Seal Point and Blue Point and Lynx.  We have the lovely pastel shades that are so attractive.
Ragalong Ragdolls come in Bi-colours, Mitted and Pointed patterns and True bicolours.

Caprice is a Best In Show Winner and is an example of our Seal Bi-colours. Beau Caprice's brother is another Best In Show Winner and current Champion.  He is used in our breeding program.
Teabag is a seal point female who has won group placings and will also be used in our breeding program. Krissie is a lovely lilac point female used in our breeding program.
Examples of Seal Mitted and Blue Mitted kitten
Examples of Van pattern and Lynx pattern
Vanessa faceon-1.jpg (45831 bytes)
Lynx kitten-1.jpg (45719 bytes)
Ragalong Vanessa (Van pattern)
Tinsle Ceres of Ragalong (Lynx mitted pattern)
Examples of Lilac Bi-colour kittens
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Ragalong Artful Dodger and his brother  Triple Grand Champion Ragalong OliverTwist at 4 months at the Vancouver show in August. Sons of Ragalong Caprice..
Dodger again. Dodger won the Best Ragdoll Kitten at the International show in Las Vegas. He  now proudly owns Jean Levito.   Triple Grand Champion Ragalong Oliver Twist again. We'll be using Oliver in our breeding program. Beautiful eye colour and expression.


Cadeau amid the Vegas ribbons.

Dodger and his Vegas Ribbons. Flashy!


"Ragalong Vanessa's" first litter by "Ragalong Beau Geste". A true bi-colour breeding. Ragalong Rascal is pictured at the back.


RAGALONG RASCAL- Third Best Kitten Internationally, now Supreme Grand Champion -Third Best Cat Internationally.
Litters out of Teabag, Angel and Vanessa are here!!!!!!!


  "Ragalong Mr. Bumble", Best In Show Kitten in Jan. and Feb. of 2002.
                 "Ragalong Talk of the Town", another show kitten in 2001.
"RAGALONG MAGIC BLUE GENES" - 4 Best In Show Kitten Awards in Feb. and March, 02. By "DGC Ragalong Oliver Twist" out of "Ragalong Wishful Thinking".  Thanks to Lisette Baudoux for the 'Best Kitten' at the March, Cloverdale Show.