Ragalong Friends

Happy Pets with Happy Owners!

We not only sell kittens, but make wonderful friends with whom we love to keep in touch. Many of our clients have written us feedback or sent us photos and we would like to share them with you here. Enjoy!

If you've purchased a kitten from us, we'd love hear your stories! Send your feedback and your best shot (we'll crop it square) to info@briarglen.com. (Include your cat's name and age!)

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Bella & Thea (2010) Susan Hawkes's Coco Casper with his friend Mafdet, the (cat)puter! Sapphire is 5yr 8m and tolerates winter for about 15 minutes Marilyn Sorensen with her new kitten Kathy Brown's cat, Mittens Kathy Brown's Cat
Tika & Kathy Andrews Lorie McKenzie-Bulcock Bea & Bill Foottit's kitten, Andy Becky Mulcahy Becky Mulcahy Hunter/Tonie Hunter/Tonie Hunter/Tonie
Casey/Joan Swan Tina Davis Marilyn Sedgwick Carol Clifford Ragdoll Club France Lesley Pierce Karen Hurley Karen Hurley
Karen Hurley Karen Hurley Vera & Lucky Eddy, Corina Angela Loewen Angela Loewen Angela Loewen Ragalong Miss Daisy Mae Pussums
Ragalong Miss Daisy Mae Pussums Ragalong Miss Daisy Mae Pussums Ragalong Miss Daisy Mae Pussums Lyssa Pudgie and Squeaky Sasha's First Day Outside Dexter Moka
Moka Moka Moka Moka Bogi Chloe, November 2007 Ollie and Sophie, November 2007 Teddy - Autumn 2007
Oliver Bidniak Ariel and JoJo Thomas Shady and Samui Michiro Ellie and Teddy
Dougal and Oisin
Beamish Ros (Oscar) and U'Gly Princess Lori Schneider's Cat, Meeka Chloe and Hunter Nikkie 3 Year Old Seal Point, Otok Nikkie and Moka
Nikkie Sasha Drinks Water! Casey, Now 5 Years Old Jennifer's Cat, Merlin Charlie Oliver Patches & Gizmo Dougal
Xochi and Sotto (Seattle) Willow Casper Mocha Ragalongs at Home Catherine with Kitten Bijou Bijou At Briar Glen Cattery
Sugar, when she was young Levi Cooper Cinnamon Kamir Rowdy but no bad habits! Sweet Pea Meca (Vancouver) Miso in the Garden
Jacob with Kitties Julie & Jemma Sugar & Spice Spice Willie (Yukon) Marley Mafdet in a Basket Dixie & Teddy Alexander
Ross & Zorro (Victoria, BC) Hunter holding Tuetel Tallulah Suki in the Sink Sapphire Rox & Jaz Raggs on the Boat Pekoe
Oliver Oli & Jake Mocha Milo, Barney & Ollie Meesha Tosh Mac with Purse Joey
Sandra with Inu & Udo Inu Harvey Harley Emily with her Cats Cleo & Laurie Casper Caleb
Binky Mr. Behn Whiskers Aria Alfie (Vancouver, BC) Star Anise Molly Mittens Zeus (Quesnel, BC) Molly & Koko
Jorja Keesa Helena Ellen, Fenway & Bastien, Sept. 2002 Cooper Muldron Casey Angel Dean Fenway, August 2002
Basil Sabhu