Ragalong Ragdoll Prices & Shipping Info

SELLER: Warrants that all kittens are free of contagious or infectious diseases and will replace any animal found to have either of these or any genetic defect with an animal of equal or better value. Veterinarians' certificate will be required.

BUYER: Buyers must maintain their animals in a healthy and stress-free environment conducive to the well-being of the animal and guarantee not to allow the animal to go to any research facility. Regular veterinary care must be provided. If animals are not sold as Breeders, the animal must be either spayed or neutered by 6 months of age and Buyer must furnish a spay/neuter certificate to the Seller once this has been effected. Buyer must adhere to any Breeding agreements that may be negotiated with the seller.

Ragdoll Cats or Kittens

Pet quality kitten (altering required)


Show quality kitten (altering required)


Breeding quality 


Shipping Cost

Shipping Cost is the price of the airfare plus the cost of the crate. Kittens will require a small crate. Shipping regulations require, particularly on long flights, that the animal must be able to stand up, turn around, and lay down in the crate.  Most countries accept Canadian cats with valid rabies shots, although there are exceptions such as New Zealand, which requires a 30 day quarantine upon landing.  It would be wise to check out your local regulations for importing live cats from Canada.

NOTE: Sept. 11 has resulted in changes. Check with your local airport for changes in regulations. Our U.S. flights go from Seattle now due to these changes. Some prices will be different.

Example Shipping Costs

Small crate itself - $39.00


Airfare Only (small crate)

London (LHR)


Los Angeles (LAX)

$  40.00

Paris (CDG)


Chicago (ORD)

$  70.00

New York (NY)

$  80.00

Osaka (OSA)


Buenos Aires (EZE)






New Zealand